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Mentorship A 12-month program

Dr. Griffin has proven time and time again that he is a leader. A leader with his staff, a leader in building efficient systems for his office, and not least of all, a leader with a practice that routinely schedules well over 50 new referred patients each and every month. What kind of leader is Dr. Chris Griffin? The kind of leader who can also lead your practice to greatness.

Dr. Chris Griffin’s 12-month mentorship program will lead your practice production to new heights through innovation, personalized staff training and access to a team of some of the most efficient dental masterminds on the planet. This is the most comprehensive, personalized mentorship package available; don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Become a leader today.

High Velocity Dentistry
A 3-day course | 12 AGD Pace Approved CE Credits

When I say the word “velocity,” what springs to mind? A fast car? A baseball speeding towards a batter? How about a dental practice that barrels past the competition with absolute precision and efficiency?

With my High Velocity Dentistry 2-day course, you’ll learn about the four components of velocity, and leave with a clear strategy for how to transform your practice into a lean, efficient 5-figure producing velocity machine.

Send your practice zooming into hyper speed with the skills to increase your daily production and perform procedures more efficiently without decreasing quality or increasing stress. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right?

Navy Seal Speed Class
An in-office training day | 8 AGD Paced Approved CE Credits

On a spring night in 2013, one man awoke to the news that his entire dental office had burned to the ground. Even in the face of adversity, this man was able to get up to his daily average of $12,000 profit per day even in a temporary office with borrowed equipment. This same man reached a five-figure day just nine days after his office was destroyed. This man is Dr. Chris Griffin and he wants to show you how he achieved such an amazing feat.

With The Navy Seal Speed Class, you’ll have opportunity to get up close and personal with Dr. Griffin’s systems and staff, for a totally immersive experience during which you’ll be able to learn Dr. Griffin’s time-tested efficiency tricks to send your practice into hyper-speed.