Mentorship Program


How do you lead?

If it’s with integrity, power and efficiency then we want you for our DDS Leaders Program.

At Capacity Academy, we’re here to invigorate the letters “DDS” and give them new meaning, meaning that you can use to lead your practice to heights you never previously thought possible. Dynamic Dental Success Leaders (DDS), a 12-month mentorship program is the most comprehensive, in-depth and profit-catalyzing package that we offer. If you join this program you WILL become more efficient, there’s just no way around it.

Who is DDS Leaders for? Dentists who want to:
  • Lead their practice to new heights through innovation
  • Explore new procedures to offer their patients
  • Inspire team harmony
  • Excel in running an efficient office, with the most rock-solid systems in place
  • Manage a practice that is so profitable they can work when they want and how they want

Does this sound like you? Are you a dentist who continually strives to be better and more efficient? Do you continually work to be a stronger leader for your staff? If so, soldier on through this text, brave dental explorer. If not, I hear there are a lot of great cat memes on the internet worth checking out.

What are the benefits of belonging to DDS Leaders?
  • Access to the Navy Seal Speed Class (8 CE Hours)
  • Admission to this year’s Biggest Baddest Dental Event (16 CE Hours)
  • Advanced, customized training for your staff by Dr. Griffin’s staff
  • Special training days  each month with Dr. Griffin’s team
  • Twice a year Closed Door Mastermind Meetings – learn tips and tricks from the most efficient dentists on the planet
  • Unlimited email access to a Capacity Academy Coach
  • A customized Big Red Book, Dr. Griffin’s secret weapon for maintaining sterling, ultra-effective systems in his own office

So, let’s recap: with Dr. Griffin’s 12-month mentorship, you’ll receive exclusive VIP access to Dr. Griffin and his staff, admission to this year’s Biggest Baddest Dental Event, customized staff trainings, access to exclusive DDS Leaders Mastermind meetings, and many other special privileges, all wrapped in an efficiency bow (seriously, it only took me ten seconds to wrap this thing.) Can you buy excellence? I think so.

To learn more about the mentorship program and to request a private practice consultation with Dr. Griffin, please call the Capacity Academy offices at 662-837-8143 or email