Winning The Dental Lottery

Winning life’s dental lottery is how some dentists viewed Dr. Bill Williams’ five million dollar success story…that is until they peeked under the hood and saw all the hard work involved in creating that practice. Once those dentists became a student of his marketing and management systems they saw their own practices begin to flourish, even in these challenging economic times.

“Dentists win by maximizing their practices using proven marketing strategies, efficiency systems and communication skills.”

Dr. Williams sold his first million dollar plus practice of 17 years in Stone Mountain, GA in 1993.  That sale was owner-financed to a dentist who ended up having to give it back due to family and financial issues. From there it only got worse. Dr. Williams made several big investments in the stock market, IPO startups, and overseas businesses in Russia and Indonesia ate up all of his savings from 20 years of hard work. Bill says he saw what rock bottom looked like from a pretty close distance. “The second sale was finalized in 1996 for a fraction of its real value”, says Dr. Williams. “It was time to move on because God had bigger plans for our lives.”

At age 47 Dr. Williams was basically starting over. He rented and refurbished an abandoned, run-down, dental space in a strip business park in Suwanee, GA and began to apply a new concept to his dental practice, Web-Centric Marketing. It was mid-1997, and with no Yellow Page help, he grew the startup practice to $600,000 in its first year working three days a week. The rate of growth was steady as his Web-Centric Marketing approach was applied in each of 201 separate areas of the practice. Over the next ten years, Dr. Williams grew his practice an average of one half million dollars per year, peaking at 5.8 million in 2008 and then averaging right at five million for the past five years.

From the outside, to many, it looked like it was all luck and lots of marketing.  How else could one explain the meteoric rise of a new startup in an area to the point that it overtook established practices and left them standing in the dust, wondering what just happened?  But, what those who became insiders as Dr. Williams began to teach his techniques and systems study clubs and dental masterminds found was that it was his vision, his focus on results, on key performance indicators, setting goals, leadership strategies, communication training and, most of all, efficiency systems that propelled his highly successful practice to the top.  That and the fact that he and his wife, Sheila, turned their lives and their practice over to God for guidance and inspiration.  You’ll have to read his book for the whole story!

Bill and Sheila Williams founded Kenya Medical Outreach along with his brother in 2000.  They have since traveled to Africa yearly on missions delivering dental and medical care, holding feed-the-hungry campaigns, building schools, churches, community centers, grain silos, water storage units and houses for the Kipsigese and Masai people in Kenya.  Their teams have conducted three conferences on spiritual, emotional and physical healing and they have now completed their eleventh Tembae Na Yesu (translation is Walk With Christ in Swahili), a Walk To Emmaus-like program.  They have lead teams to Kenya, Honduras, Tanzania and most recently Australia to give back as they feel that they have been so blessed in their lives and as dental professionals.

“The goal is to live a balanced life, to be profitable and to enjoy each day with your family.”

Just as L.D. Pankey taught the Cross of Life and the need for balance, so Dr. Williams in his Suwanee Dental Care practice and his Solstice Dental Advisors consultancy promotes that we as dentists need to live a balanced life between work, recreation, family and worship.  As you get to know Bill and Sheila, you’ll learn that they are real people and that life hasn’t always been so balanced.  He admits to being a dental workaholic who had to work on finding time for family.  Never one to want to get too far out of balance, Dr. Bill enjoyed Rocky Mountain skiing for many years with his friends and family, and even now still emulates Lloyd Bridges of the old black and white TV Sea Hunt days with SCUBA Diving off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.  Both his sons, Justin and Tyler achieved SCUBA certification at age 12 and have shared time in “the deep”.

Dr. Williams says, “One of my greatest joys is in teaching and seeing other dentists succeed beyond their dreams.  My passion these days, now that I am a “Three-Day Dentist” like Dr. Griffin, who is one of my mentors, is teaching dentists to double their practices.  Since taking Chris’ courses and reading his workbooks, I have implemented a good number of efficiency techniques into my practice, especially the Same-Day Dentistry concepts.”  Coaching clients of Solstice Dental Advisors take his 26-week, 13 webinar series called the Solstice 5M to grow their practices.  Dr. Williams goal is to have each client grow by a half million dollars a year until they reach the size practice they want.  They accomplish this in a variety of ways: coaching, consulting, in-office training, and dental masterminds.  And then, there is the Annual Top Gun Conference which brings Top Gun Instructors, ten of the Best of the Best to teach the latest in dentistry.  The speakers in 2012 were Drs. Larry Tilley, Ed Mills, David Phelps, Lee Ostler and Dr. Williams himself.  In addition to the doctors, the other speakers were consultants Steve Cartin, Brian Blomgren, Sheila Williams, Angie Cain, Gary Lowery and Tyler Williams to teach the Best of the Best.  Each presenter at the recently concluded 2012 conference gave world-class information on marketing, technique, leadership skills and communication strategies that you will want to access.  By being a life-long student, applying the 12 Points of the Solstice Compass and the Gold Key List, Dr. Williams feels that any dentist can achieve the practice of their dreams.  His latest endeavor is to become a regional implant training center with the Implant Efficiency Institute, giving all general dentists the ability to dramatically increase their practice production while at the same time lowering their overhead percentage.  With five simple implant techniques and the right kind of marketing focus, they are capable of producing $10,000 per hour as a general dentist.

“The ultimate win is to be able to transition your magnificent dental practice for a handsome seven figure sum and work in that practice as an associate for however many years you want.”

Dr. Bill Williams is a true winner because he has now sold his five million dollar practice, has socked away enough for a comfortable retirement and yet continues to work in the practice as a “Three-Day Dentist”, being very efficient, very productive, and at the same time is giving back to the profession by teaching the valuable systems and practice marketing and management techniques he has learned over his 38 years in practice.

You can reach Dr. Williams at and order the DVD set of his outstanding 2012 Top Gum Conference at  Tell Brooke that Dr. Chris sent you and you’ll be sent two special free bonus webinars called Golden Nuggets and How To Fire-Proof (Recession-Proof) Your Practice just for checking in and looking around.

Bio info: Dr. Williams is a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry and the International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics and is involved int he American Craniofacial pain, the American Academy for Oral and Systemic Health and the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation.  He is a past president of the Georgia Academy of General Dentistry and traveled the USSR and Scandinavia on an AGD People to People Tour in 1987.  Named the Small Business Person of the Year in 2005, he received the Ron Lamb Award from the Christian Dental Society as the Outstanding Missions Dentist in North America in 2007, having built and/or worked in hospitals, mission outposts and clinics in Kenya, Tanzania, Haiti and Honduras.  Dr. Williams has lectured at Myotronics, Bioresearch, Napili, Pentegra, The Advertising Dentist as well as teaching in Japan, Italy, Canada and across the USA on TMJ, orthodontics, reconstruction, marketing and practice management.

Over his 38-year career as a dentist he has been the founder or one of the founders of the Stone Mountain Dental Group, the Atlanta Craniomandibular Society, TMJ Framework, the Solstice Research Froup, Suwanee Dental Care, Web-Centric Dental Marketing and Design, Kenya Medical Outreach and Solstice Dental Advisors and the Deserving Diva Foundation.

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