Staff on Fire

Is your staff constantly juggling procedures and putting out fires?

Sometimes staff members can feel overwhelmed with all the task and procedures they are asked to perform each day.

This can lead to upsets, confusion, and most importantly, LOST PRODUCTIVITY.

When you consider the sheer volume of tasks we ask them to memorize and perform each day, it’s no wonder why some staff lose their motivation to achieve at Superstar levels over time.

Is it possible to create systems that will minimize all the distractions and allow the employee to flourish in the setting of your practice?  Absolutely.

We want to create a setting in the practice where the auxiliary will not only learn practical, take home ways to make the practice better Monday morning, but where they are allowed to spread their wings and get “On Fire.”

“On Fire Staff” are able to own their job and perform at levels that make them the aides in the practice that the doctor always envisioned when they hired them.

Participants will learn:

  • The “missing link” in intra-office communications that prevents confusion between the front and back office.
  • Guaranteed “Perfect” Room Setups Every Time
  • How to KNOW how long to schedule each appointment.
  • The power of visual learning.
  • How to Control the flow of the doctor’s procedure and become an air traffic controller inside the practice.
  • How to own each job in the dental office.

~ End the frustrations of not Knowing whether each member of the team is pulling their weight, FOREVER.  ~

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