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The Winning Dentist Membership subscription

Subscribe to Dr. Griffin’s monthly newsletter and get a sneak peek into the mind of the efficiency master himself with tips and tricks on how to propel your practice to new heights. This is an investment that we guarantee will pay off. Each issue will include:

  • Profile of a “winning dentist” who excels both in their professional and personal lives
  • Articles written by Dr. Griffin himself about practice management and how to achieve the highest capacity for your practice
  • Lessons and stories from Dr. Griffin’s personal life
  • The Dentist on the Go: an exclusive, hour long audio CD with tips from Dr. Griffin and his esteemed colleagues
  • Recipes, anecdotes, and much more!

Practice Productivity Package

What does efficiency mean to you? Does is mean earning triple the national average of solo general dentists in hourly income? Does is mean eliminating stress and spending more time with loved ones? Does it mean having a patient base of nearly half the population of the town in which you operate? For Dr. Chris Griffin, the answer is: all of the above.

With the Practice Productivity Package, you’ll be given the opportunity to learn highly coveted efficiency secrets from the master himself about how to get more patients than you ever thought possible. With Dr. Griffin’s help, you will maximize your efficiency in a larger patient pool, making your practice faster and more successful than it has ever been before.