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Dental Practice Management: How to Get a “Trouble Employee” Back on Track

Your team members play a critical role in allowing you to create a highly profitable dental practice. It is your team members that are responsible for executing the systems that keep your practice functioning smoothly, efficiently, and profitably. But what

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Renaissance Man

One thing is for certain.  We have only seen the beginning from this individual.  Even though his teachings and treatments have touched thousands of lives, both patient and professional, he is only “jogging” at this time due to his commitment to his young family.  Once they have spread their wings and launched their own careers, only then will we see what amazing final products will come from his imagination.

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Hunting for More Production

Just like most kids growing up in the South, I was introduced to hunting at an early age. My father taught me how to train bird dogs to hunt quail using feathers on the end of an old cane fishing pole. It was my job to hide the feathers in some tall grass and then hide while Dad’s Setter sniffed around looking for it. I think the most fun part of hunting was the camaraderie between my Dad, me, and the dogs as we walked up and down the fence rows around our soybean fields.

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Dental Practice Management: Are You On Track for Your 2013 Goals?

As 2012 wound down, I encouraged my readers to set goals for the New Year. Well, believe it or not, we’re already nearly 25% through 2013! So today we’re going to take some time to examine the progress we’ve made

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Dental Practice Management: Accountability Leads to Results

If you regularly read my blog entries and articles, you know how important systems are for the success of your dental practice. As we’ve discussed, systems are what allow your practice to run smoothly—and these systems are what allow you

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A Place of Honor

Japan is a land of mystery to many of us in America. Their culture and economy is completely different, but there are also many distinct similarities. Regardless of their unique ways, one thing is for sure: they are hungry for

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Dental Practice Management: Five Time Management Secrets You Can Apply Today

Time is the one resource that every one of us on earth has in equal proportion. Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and Oprah have the same 24 hours to work with each day as everyone else. What separates extraordinary business leaders

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Sleeping on the Job

Did anyone notice when we stopped being mechanics of the mouth and started becoming doctors of the mouth and the surrounding systems? Periodontitis has it’s controversial links to heart health. GERD is many times a silent disease that can be

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Dentistry’s Leading Man

Hailing from the University of Southern California, home of Heisman trophies, national championships, and arguably the best motion picture school in America, Dr. Sameer Puri has transformed himself into a movie-star in the world of cosmetic dentistry. I met Southern

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Eight Ways to Create a Healthier Practice in 2013

The New Year is here, and this is a great opportunity to evaluate your practice and look for possible areas of improvement over the next 12 months. Below are eight principles which can be applied to every practice to improve

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