Hunting for More Production

My name is Dr. Chris Griffin and as you can see on the cover of this letter, I’m in hunting gear.

Just like most kids growing up in the South, I was introduced to hunting at an early age. My father taught me how to train bird dogs to hunt quail using feathers on the end of an old cane fishing pole. It was my job to hide the feathers in some tall grass and then hide while Dad’s Setter sniffed around looking for it. I think the most fun part of hunting was the camaraderie between my Dad, me, and the dogs as we walked up and down the fence rows around our soybean fields.

I guess when it all boils down; it’s not the actual hunting that’s addictive. It’s not even spending time with your friends. It is the experience of working as a team and setting out to achieve a goal together.

Which gets me to why I’ve sent you this letter with a picture of me in hunting gear on the cover.

It’s because I’ve been very busy HUNTING for you. But instead of hunting for quail with my Dad, I’ve been on the HUNT for the newest and best ways you can ADD an additional 6-figures of production Q-U-I-C-K-L-Y to your practice as part of our upcoming seminar in Nashville, Tennessee.

So, Iet me start off with asking you a simple question. Could you use an extra 6-figures of production added to your Practice?

I know, it’s easier said than done, but what I’m about to let you in on is finding out about the “6-BEST-WAYS” others have found to add an extra 6-figures of production to their Practice as well as a seldom talked about topic (except whispered behind closed doors) which is Creating “Life-Changing-Money” Outside of Dentistry. This should excite you so much that you IMMEDIATELY

REGISTER YOURSELF and YOUR TEAM to attend the 2013 SUMMIT seminar.

Why am I qualified to lead you on this Hunt?

I’ve been practicing General Dentistry in Ripley, Mississippi since I graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1998 and I compete with five other Dentists in my small town. I am proud to be blessed with over 3,000 active patients and routinely schedule well over 50 NEW Referred Patients each month.

In fact, Dr. Woody Oakes* one of the most highly respected dental educators has labeled me…

“Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Dentist”

What might be more impressive to you is that I don’t even consider myself a full time Dentist because I work in my practice just 27-hours a week! In fact, just recently I was christened the MOST EFFICIENT MAN IN DENTISTRY as reference by Dr. Michael Miyasaki and Dr. Woody Oakes on coaching calls to their Members because of all of the “Systems” I’ve put into place that allows me to be super productive in the least amount of time.

First a Bit of Reality

We all agree that our Profession is in turmoil and “danger” signs loom all around, from government

intrusion, corporate takeovers and recent documented decline in Patients visits. Many experienced Dentists take their hard earned money and ride off into the sunset, unsatisfied with what they’ve accumulated and disappointed that if they could sell their practice, it’s NOT worth nearly what they hoped it would when their day came to retire.

Actually, Dentists who have already retired are now returning to Dentistry in record numbers; not because they want to, but because they have to. Unfortunately, all of the years they’ve put into practicing dentistry didn’t create enough money for them that they would never have to worry about outliving.

The hard fact is that Dentistry is in the midst of cataclysmic change and if you haven’t already experienced it, it’s only because the changes are creeping in at such a slow pace that many Practices don’t even notice them yet.

Perhaps your still relatively high income has made you comfortable to a point where you haven’t yet noticed the slow erosion of that income or the subtle decrease in your quality of life. Or maybe your “J-O-B” is so demanding that you don’t want to think much about the future.

Here’s the good news

I and many of the Members of my Capacity Academy have not only survived during this turmoil in our Industry, but are having their best and most profitable years ever. In fact, when I’ve observed what they are implementing along with what I’m adding in my own HUGELY successful Practice, I’ve literally HUNTED DOWN and identified the “BEST WAYS” for YOU to add “at least” an ADDITIONAL 6-Figures of take-home income.

Before I tell you the BEST WAYS, let me tell you why this is like

NO other Event you’ve ever been too…

…Actually, I hate to even call it an “Event,” “Conference,” Boot Camp,” or anything else you may have heard of in the past. In fact, The “New” Innovations in Profitable Dentistry SUMMIT has been completely revamped for 2013 to make it the “Go-To PLACE.” (Keep reading and you be the judge.)

Here’s why:

1) It’s NOT a “pitch fest.” I’m sure you’ve been to other events before where speaker

after speaker is paraded in front of you trying to sell you their latest and greatest Practice Growth widget. In case you’re not familiar with the term, that is what is commonly referred to as a “pitch fest.” This ain’t that. In fact….

2) This IS “real training.*” I, along with a hand–picked faculty of experts, will be

delivering ALL of the training. Everyone has been informed that the purpose of the SUMMIT is

to deliver real actionable content that will lead you towards the goal of earning “at least” an

ADDITIONAL 6-Figures of take-home income. In addition, your attendance at the SUMMIT will

qualify you for 16 AGD Approved CE Credits.

*Just to provide more incentive for each Speaker to give you their absolute best and most useful information they

will each compete for the title of The TOP 2013 New Innovations in Profitable Dentistry SUMMIT Presenter of the Year” and I will donate a $3,000.00 check to their favorite charity. I can tell you that most of them are super competitive and will try to outdo one another vying for the crown.

3) My Staff will train your Staff. Let me let you in on a dirty little secret. I didn’t earn

the distinction as one of the MOST EFFICIENT Dentist in North America all by myself. I did it along with my extraordinary and well trained staff and for the 1st time ever, I’m going to have them conduct separate Training Sessions for your staff to attend and learn how we do what we do right from the people who are doing it for me. (As you’ll see on pages 8-11 training your staff alone should be worth “at least” an ADDITIONAL 6-Figures of take-home income to YOU, not to mention creating a Hyper-Motivating environment in your own Practice….)

4) It’s NOT 3-days ONLY about making an ADDITIONAL 6-Figure Income from WITHIN your own Dental Practice… Have you ever said to yourself that you hate being so dependent on your Dental income and would like to discover multiple ways you can make “Life Changing Money” so you weren’t so dependent on working ‘IN’ an Operatory the rest of your life? Wouldn’t that create some additional security for you and your family?

Your Prayers Have Been Answered: For the First Time at the SUMMIT, we’ll also cover making multiple streams of income from OUTSIDE your Practice and reveal how you can remove the chains from the stranglehold that Dentistry has on you.

The question is: Given the current state of Dentistry, what is best for you to keep your Practice supporting you as you wish and continuing to maintain its value allowing you to exist on your own terms?

I will tell you – unabashedly – that being at The 2013 “New” Innovations in Profitable Dentistry SUMMIT is the answer to that question.

So, there it is.  I hope you can “join the hunt” with me and the real “Winning Dentists” out there.

Just be sure you don’t less this opportunity pass you by.

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