Dental Street Fighter

Dr. Jim Wines is certainly one of those individuals who seems like a regular dentist until you get to know him.
In fact, you might think he is just one of those “typical” dentists until you start to read his resume. I first heard him speak on an interview with Dr. Woody Oakes several years ago on my iPod while I was working on my farm. I immediately liked him because he and I had done a lot of the same training at the Dawson academy and LVI. But, I didn’t actually meet him until last year when he and I ran into each other at a seminar in Atlanta.
It turns out that he is one of the smartest guys I have ever met, and that doesn’t quite define him.
He is a quiet guy who has chosen to really gear back his thriving dental practice in Indianapolis in favor of a peaceful, stress free practice (still amazingly profitable) and a simple, quiet existence at his lakeside home.
There’s another layer to Jim’s life that reveals a side that seems in contrast to his laid-back lifestyle.
He’s a total warrior on the side.
Dr. Wines is highly trained in 5 different martial arts, including the ones that made Bruce Lee and Jason Bourne famous.
He got into martial arts after a stint in the military where he received the kind of training there that we all hope our homeland protectors can use to keep us safe here.
After becoming a doctor, he realized that there were just too many dangers out there that we dentists just weren’t prepared to defend against and he set out to figure out a way that dentists could learn just enough of what he has mastered to protect themselves and their families.
So, he created the 7 Second Street Fight.
This is a training system where he teaches doctors how to fend off any attacker in 7 seconds. He teaches brutally effective street self-defense for busy doctors and their teams that want to have the skills and instinct to handle unprovoked violent attacks on themselves or their loved ones without spending years in training.This is not a system for the faint of heart, heck he even teaches you how to disembowel an assailant with an ink pen. No that’s not a misprint.
He even puts this on his website for the 7 Second Street Fight. “WARNING: If you have emotional or moral issues about using brutally effective force on an unprovoked attacker that is trying to kill, rape, or severely beat you or your loved ones, then this training is NOT FOR YOU. (Please opt out now and good luck).”
This is definitely a case of one of those individuals who is never looking for a fight, but someone you had better not back into a corner.
Jim is definitely not a guy to mess with, but, like I said, he is all about living a happy, peaceful life these days.
He’s just keeping his eyes open just in case.

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