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CAUTION: If you are squeamish about hunting or fishing, don’t watch Dr. Brady Frank’s video in this ezine.  But, if you want to learn about a unique winning dentist, you’d better read the article.

Dr. Brady Frank is a young dentist with a passion for dentistry and a passion for the great outdoors.  After graduating from Marquette it is no surprise that he headed out west to put himself in a position to not only treat patients who appreciate his own unique dental style, but to head out into some of the most pristine natural settings left in America.

It’s not uncommon for Brady to get off work, hop in his boat with his kids, and jet down one of the breathtaking, Oregon rivers into some of the best places to fish, hunt, or just commune with nature.

It’s a little hard to understand why a practitioner who has become so successful and lives in such a paradise has put so much effort into helping his profession, but Dr. Frank has.  A few years ago he even decided to put himself through what I would call torture, but he called research for a cause.  He conducted a study which consisted of interviewing 72 retirement age dentists to find out their financial well-being so he could help build a program designed to help more of us be able to retire when we want.  According to studies, only 5% of American dentists are able to retire with financial comfort and stability.  Dr. Frank set out to fix that.  In fact, when I first met him in Destin a few years ago, he tried to get me to pick an age I wanted to retire so he could help me formulate a plan to get there.

If you know me, it won’t surprise you that after a lot of badgering from Dr. Frank, I finally told him that I had no desire to ever retire.  I believe I told him that I wanted to, “die with a drill in my hand.”  Seriously, though, I knew right then that Brady was way ahead of his time in figuring out what most of us don’t figure out until it’s too late.  That dentists wait too long to get their financial house in order and many don’t have a plan.  It seems we are problem solvers for everyone accept ourselves.

Dr. Brady’s latest endeavor has been to teach and mentor dentists in simple, predictable, efficient implant procedures.  I know I need to learn implants and I’ve known it for a long time.  According to our latest survey, apparently you do to as a group since implants came in second to more efficient techniques in that survey.

Brady has traveled all over the country helping clear some of the confusion of the whole implant conundrum from our minds and removing the veil of confusion.  I know that every time I have gotten started in an implant course, some little something came up that confused me and I took a step back to what I knew was more comfortable to me.  Dr. Frank has made it his mission of late to help those confused souls like me to get their feet wet in a safe and secure environment, their own practice.

It seems like Brady Frank has found his own little slice of heaven in the Great Northwest.  Let’s just hope we can learn a little bit about his ways before he takes his own advice and retires early.

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