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“Taking your dental practice to the next level is never easy. One of my biggest headaches and frustrations was not being as productive as I know I could be. What impressed me about The Capacity Academy is that Chris Griffin is a regular guy like you and I with extraordinary systems to make you a more efficient and effective dentist. He takes all the inefficiencies and time wasters in your office and turns that into productive time. Even though I have only got 80% of Chris’ systems in place and I was fairly productive before I met him, I realized at least a 15% to 20% increase in my production and my ability to help move patients in a more efficient manner. If you want to take your practice to the next level, one thing you have to do is practice dentistry effectively and efficiently and Chris is one of the few people I know that can get you there. I honestly believe if you want to be more successful, more productive and have a happier more fulfilling practice, getting involved with Chris and The Capacity Academy in some way is an absolutely no-brainer!”

– Dr. Jesse Chai | Bradford, Ontario

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“Your system is great for us. I thank God for you.”

– Dr. James Magee | Tallehassee, FL

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In 2010 our practice was running 3 hygienist with two doctors. Starting 2011 we started the year with one doctor and two hygienist. After talking with Dr. Griffin in just two phone calls and 3 emails his strategy has increased my hygiene dept by 25% with one less hygienist. We are projecting a $120,000 increase in hygiene alone with one less hygienist. What he did for my bottom line!!

– Dr. Pat Clark Memphis, TN

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Dr. Griffin brings a healthy dose of common sense back into dentistry. At a time when dentists are inundated by fads and must have gadgets, it is refreshing to learn that bread & butter dentistry can be highly rewarding in a tough economy through smart practices and systems.

– Dr. Sang Kwon Indianapolis, IN

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“Greatest thing I have ever done in my life is come to this course. I’ve learned more today than I’ve learned in 20 years of dentistry. If you want to learn how to be efficient, this is the place to be. It’s all about systems. Chris is a phenomenal operator, but it’s about the systems. It’s not about Chris. I’d recommend it to anyone, anytime. It’s a great investment.”

– Dr. King Campbell Pagosa Springs, CO

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“I really love Dr. Griffin’s ideas and concepts, they have helped me organize my practice to a high level of efficiency that I could have never done alone. The first day that we implemented his template system along with the concept of “work-in” dentistry, we saw a great improvement in our effectiveness. Thanks, to Dr. Griffin, I am now excited about dentistry again and cannot wait to see what tomorrow may bring.”

– Dr. Brian Rhoads West Memphis, Arkansas

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“I brought my assistants with me to hear Chris and they were quite impressed. We thought his presentation was well prepared and he did a great job keeping the audience engaged. Anyone who attends his presentation will be able to take many valuable ideas back home and apply them in their own practice.”

– Dr. Brent Bowen
Asheville, NC

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