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Renaissance Man

One thing is for certain.  We have only seen the beginning from this individual.  Even though his teachings and treatments have touched thousands of lives, both patient and professional, he is only “jogging” at this time due to his commitment to his young family.  Once they have spread their wings and launched their own careers, only then will we see what amazing final products will come from his imagination.

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Hunting for More Production

Just like most kids growing up in the South, I was introduced to hunting at an early age. My father taught me how to train bird dogs to hunt quail using feathers on the end of an old cane fishing pole. It was my job to hide the feathers in some tall grass and then hide while Dad’s Setter sniffed around looking for it. I think the most fun part of hunting was the camaraderie between my Dad, me, and the dogs as we walked up and down the fence rows around our soybean fields.

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