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Dental Practice Management: Five Time Management Tips to Apply Today

We have talked in great detail recently about the importance of creating and maintaining systems to keep your dental practice running smoothly. One of the primary goals of these systems is to allow you, as a dentist, to spend your

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Winning The Dental Lottery

Winning life’s dental lottery is how some dentists viewed Dr. Bill Williams’ five million dollar success story…that is until they peeked under the hood and saw all the hard work involved in creating that practice. Once those dentists became a

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Dental Marketing Expert Chris Griffin Publishes New Blog Urging Dentists To Spend Less Time Working

Chris Griffin, Founder of The Capacity Academy, a dental practice consulting company, urges dentists to spend time relaxing and recharging in order to become more efficient and more profitable. Ripley, MS – October 22, 2012 – Chris Griffin, Founder of

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Time Off is Essential for Your Sanity and the Profitability of Your Practice… and Systems Can Help

Here’s some advice you may not be expecting to hear: stop spending so much time at work! If you’re like many dentists I’ve known and worked with, you feel a need to be physically present at your practice from open

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