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Out of Africa

Dr. Pat Clark is just wanted to be one of those regular guys that you might have gone to dental school with. He wanted to quietly sit in class and pass without making too many waves.  This could be easily

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Dental Marketing Expert Chris Griffin Publishes New Blog Discussing The Importance Of Monitoring The Local Economy

Chris Griffin, Founder of The Capacity Academy, a dental practice consulting company, explains that dentists must pay attention to the state of their local economy. Ripley, MS – June 25, 2012 – Chris Griffin, Founder of The Capacity Academy, a

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Our Economy is a Roller Coaster: Are You Paying Attention?

Just like any other small business owner, as a dentist the profitability of your practice is impacted by the state of the economy. That’s not to say that your practice can’t be profitable in a poor economy—it can be. And

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