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Dental Practice Management Secrets: How to Create a World-Class Team

Why do some dental practices succeed while others fail? Why do some dentists have to work long hours each week just to pay the bills… while others enjoy short workdays and long vacations, and still net a higher income than

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Dental Marketing Expert Chris Griffin Publishes New Article Examining The Future Of Local Dentistry

Chris Griffin, Founder of The Capacity Academy, a dental practice consulting company, notes that the “good old days” of local dentistry are under assault. Ripley, MS – February 22, 2012 – Chris Griffin, Founder of The Capacity Academy, a dental

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The Return of the King

Woody is the undisputed Father of Modern Dental Education.  Some of you reading this are too young to remember when it was nearly impossible to find good continuing education about how to actually make a living at the practice of

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The Destruction of the Local Dentist

Do you remember visiting your dentist as a child? Many of us have fond memories of visiting a local dentist who felt like family—after all, in many cases, we visited the same dentist multiple times per year for more than

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