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A League of His Own

In my mind when I consider the heroes of dentistry, I think about G.V. Black, S.S. White, and Roy Smith. I know he doesn’t go by the same cool initials as the forefathers of our profession, but you would just

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Dental Marketing Expert Chris Griffin Publishes New Article Discussing The Challenge Of Staff Motivation

Chris Griffin, Founder of The Capacity Academy, a dental practice consulting company, explains that for a team to be motivated, their goals must be a aligned with the dentist’s. Ripley, MS – January 15, 2012 – Chris Griffin, Founder of

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Align Your Goals: How to Draw Maximum Productivity from Your Office Staff

As we have discussed previously in this space, possibly the most difficult challenge facing every dentist involves managing staff. Specifically, the challenge is addressing this simple reality: your assistants and your office staff simply are not as motivated as you.

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